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POD Automation Software – Automatic Design Upload, Print on Demand Upload Automation

Upload all your designs automatically to various POD platforms like: Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, Spreadshirt, and much more by using the a POD Upload Tool. Save time, upload more designs. Publish your designs on all print-on-demand platforms fast and easy. Be more efficient by Automation and use the POD upload automation tool for uploading your images, designs, shirts, and t shirts. 

Research & Upload

for your Print On Demand Business

What is the NEW? 

New Home Page 

Did you know? we have a new website. Check out our new home page with the button below.

Chapter 2? 

Chapter 2 is the new designs management with the integration of the uploader. What does that mean for you? The old accounts from “flyingupload.com” have been migrated to “flyingresearch.net”. If you dont have an account there yet you will need to create one.

By signing up, you will get access to the full free version. This includes the Research and Trademarks with: Best Sellers, Get Inspired POD, Niche List, Product Search, Trademark Search, and more. Furthermore full access to the Design Management with 2GB, the Print On Demand and Kindle Direct Publishing upload automation for free.

Keyword Research On The Next Level

Do all your research in one tool Keywords, Amazon, Redbubble, …

Keyword Search

  • Google search volume

  • AMAZON Search Volume

  • Interest Over 5 years

  • All Marketplaces (COM, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT)

  • Advanced filter options

  • …. and much more

  • Offering the best data

One Table For Everything

  • Customize Your Columns

  • Google trend data

  • Amazon trend data

  • Competitiveness score

  • Ad potential score

  • Organic ranking potential

  • Niche revenue

  • Clothing relevance

  • … and more

Need New Ideas?

  • Go for a keyword hunt!

  • Related Tags

  • Amazon Suggestions

  • Google Suggestions

  • Extracted short-tail keywords

  • Extracted long-tail keywords

  • Customizable table

  • … boost your rankings with better keywords!

Spy On Your Competitors

  • Organic Potential score

  • Revenue & Sales of the nice

  • Details of competitors products

  • Copy ASINS’s, Titles, and more

  • List the best ranking products

  • See if the niche is good for clothing

What Are The Competing Products?

  • Even you do an MBA design, you compete against normal FBA sellers.

  • Get an overview about the competition

  • Check the competitors sales

  • See the total revenue of a product

  • Export the data into Excel

Missing Ideas? Generate Your Tags!

  • Hundreds of tags with a single click

  • Copy individual keywords

  • Sorted by occurrence / importance

  • Copy with one click

  • Integrated with workbench

Manage Your Sponsored Ads

  • The Amazon Advertisement Console was never made to manage large amounts of campaigns as required for MBA sellers

  • Manage your Advertisement Lists in one place

  • Assign dates, and get notified about upcoming campaigns

  • Product specific keywords

  • Add Negative keywords

  • Add competitor ASIN lists

  • Highlighting for active campaigns

Boost your sales to earn more! You want to have the best keywords data for the best organic rankings and profitable advertisement performances?

Get the Keyword Module today and get all these great advantages!


Very important for good sales

All About Designs

  • See all the Best Sellers

  • All Marketplaces: US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT

  • Check the BSR and Price history

  • Get all relevant keywords from a listing

  • Copy keywords with one click!

  • Updated in real time

  • Remember for later and save as favorite

  • Download or copy the image

Wanna Find New Trends?

  • Watch the biggest gainers in Seller Trends

  • Sort by percentage or BSR value

  • Set different time ranges

  • Three months, one month or one week

  • Filter for Newcomers

  • Set your BSR range from 1 – 2,000,000

  • Shirts, Hoodies, PopSockets, PhoneCases

  • Also Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)!

Analyse The Trends!

  • Get scores and averages

  • Similar niche ideas for you

  • Niche trend and statistics

  • Amazon, RedBubble, Spreadshirt keywords

  • Niche Best Sellers and comparison

  • Extracted keywords and longtail keywords

  • Amazon and Google Trends suggestions

  • Compare designs by BSR and keywords

New Horizon With RedBubble And Spreadshirt

  • MBA is good but not enough

  • Keep an eye on other POD platforms

  • Spreadshirt Research

  • Redbubble Research

  • Get relevant and new designs

  • Sort for a specific platform

  • Add it to your favorites

NEW Real Time Research

  • LIVE data from Amazon

  • No limitations, all possible designs

  • Analyse a whole niche and not page by page

  • Directly updated in the design database

  • Load as many results as you need

  • Get LIVE statistics

  • Exclude official brands in live search

  • Sort: Featured, Newest, Reviews, and Oldest!

With Information You Don’t Find Anywhere Else

  • LIVE statistics for Real-Time-Research (RTR)

  • See what colors are used for the niche

  • See what fit types are being used

  • Get ALL extracted keywords

  • Amazon and Google suggestions for you!

  • Why analyze without any comfort?

  • Analyze the whole niche with one click!

Never Again Late At The Party

  • Set up reminders

  • Get informed via mail before the event

  • 1 Week, 1 Month or 3 Months

  • Select only the marketplaces you need

Wanna make your research great instead of good? You want to have super fast research for a niche analysing?

Get Flying Research today and get all these great advantages!


Annoying but very important

Search The Relevant 

  • Check for single words or phrases 

  • Only relevant results for you

  • Filter after new or ended trademarks

  • Filter after applicant (know the bad guys)

Stay Safe & Get Informed

  • Add trademarks to watchlist

  • Monitor changes at any time

  • Set up a mail reminder

  • Get informed if something changes

  • Add as many as you want

New Registrations

  • Get an overview what is new

  • See what is filled or registered

  • Also search for ended and expired

  • Updated every week with all relevant TMs

Protect yourself against trademark infringements. Set up mail notifications and monitor your phrases and word games.

Start with Flying Research today.

Design Management & Upload Automation

Keep the overview and manage all your designs in one application

All About Designs

  • Check for duplications

  • Search by basically anything

  • Filter your designs

  • Track the all uploads

  • Managed all designs by tags

  • Reuse Images and much more

The Perfect Filters

  • Filter by Uploads

  • Filter by Image Colors

  • Based on Dates

  • Exclude specific words or phrases

  • Filter by Image size and type

  • and much, much more

Wanna do Something?

  • All actions you need

  • Duplicate Listings

  • Download Images

  • Export Listings as Excel Sheet

  • Sort by Color

  • Select only finished Listings

  • and much, much more

Most Advanced Edit

  • Drag and Drop designs

  • All tagging options you need

  • Multiple Languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, IT

  • Shortcuts for Everything

  • Listing check for POD Platform limitations

  • Undo / Redo for all your actions

Never lose the overview again, track your uploads see all your designs in one overview. Filter by platform, color, or even mba marketplace, and more.

Start managing your designs like the professionals.

POD Upload

Automation for all POD Platforms

An Interface You Will Love

  • Super simple and easy to use

  • Drag & Drop your images

  • No more excel columns

  • Text Translation

  • DeepL API Integration

  • Save and reuse your data

All Platforms In One Tool

  • All platforms your need

  • Get more sales with more platforms

  • Start, pause, or stop uploads at any time

  • Images are resized automatically

  • Upload report after each upload

Save Time: Upload Parallel

  • Why would your wait for each upload?

  • Let all uploads run at the same time

  • 1 upload, 2 uploads, 4 uploads ….

  • Use your time more productively

  • Use the full potential of automation

Why waste countless hours uploading manual. Automate all your POD Uploads and be more efficient.

Let’s enjoy the tagging and uploading of your designs.

KDP Upload

Automation for KDP Books

Kindle Direct Publishing

Increase your sales by uploading to KDP

Use The Advanced Tools

  • Use the integrated category search

  • Pick the best category in seconds

  • Cover Generator – PNG to PDF

  • Generate the spine text

  • Generate HTML code with one click

  • Check your Trademarks for KDP

Color Book Generator

  • Are you selling coloring books?

  • Use your designs to generate books

  • Create a coloring book from images

  • Create sudokus, crossword puzzle, …

  • Create bestsellers with great interiors

Oh yes, the KDP upload takes much more time than any other upload. Why do it manually if you can automate it

Let’s enjoy the tagging and uploading of your designs.

Research & Upload for FREE

Keyword Search

Best Sellers

Niche List

Product Search

Trademark Search

Design Management

Upload to all POD platforms

Upload to Kindle Direct Publishing

… and much more