POD Upload Tool – Upload your designs to Print on Demand Platforms Automatically

POD Automation Software – Automatic Design Upload, Print on Demand Upload Automation

Upload all your designs automatically to various POD platforms like: Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, Spreadshirt, and much more by using the a POD Upload Tool. Save time, upload more designs. Publish your designs on all print-on-demand platforms fast and easy. Be more efficient by Automation and use the POD upload automation tool for uploading your images, designs, shirts, and t shirts. 

POD Automation

for your Print On Demand Business

A User Interface To Fall In Love With

Let’s enjoy the tagging of your desingns

An Interface You Will Love

  • Super simple and easy to use

  • Drag & Drop your images

  • No more excel columns

  • Shortcuts for advanced users

  • Save and reuse your data

Merch By Amazon

  • Tag your designs simpler then ever before

  • All products, marketplaces, and languages

  • Convert images automatically

  • Save time and copy your data

  • Translate your text by one click

  • See how the colors fit with your design

Instant Text Translation

  • A new language with just one click

  • Translate to multiple languages at once

  • Use your Deepl API key

  • Unlimited translations

  • Translate your listing with shortcuts

Save Time: Copy Your Data

  • Why would you repeat yourself?

  • Simple copy your previous listing

  • Copy data by one click or shortcut

  • Bulk copy your data to all designs

  • Adjust details, don’t rewrite your listing

Do you want to enjoy your work with an easy to use interface?

All POD Platforms For More Sales

Upload more of your designs in less time

All Platforms In One Tool

  • All platforms your need

  • Get more sales with more platforms

  • Start, pause, or stop uploads at any time

  • Images are resized automatically

  • Upload report after each upload

Save Time: Upload Parallel

  • Why would your wait for each upload?

  • Let all uploads run at the same time

  • 1 upload, 2 uploads, 4 uploads ….

  • Use your time more productively

  • Use the full potential of automation

Do you want to boost your sales by uploading to more platforms?

A Trademark Check Made For You

Check all your listings like never before

Highlight Trademarks

  • Check your trademarks while tagging

  • Instant TM check: within one second

  • Differentiate FILED and REGISTERED

  • Get visual feedback not a just a list

  • Customize your trademarks by a whitelist

All Information In One Place

  • Keep you and your accounts save

  • All nice classes relevant for POD and KDP

  • All relevant offices: WIPO, EUIPO, US, DE, UK, FR, IT and ES

  • Easily replace your trademarks

  • Integrated in your workflow

Start checking your trademarks while tagging your designs!

Tricks Of The Professionals

Inspired By Professionals Made For Everyone

Keep Track Of Your Uploads


  • Track all your uploads across all platforms

  • See which design was uploaded where

  • Get visual feedback or view it as a list

  • Forget keeping excel sheets for tracking

  • Remember: you don’t have to remember

Set Your Listings As Profiles

  • Save time and define templates

  • Configure any listing as a reusable profiles

  • Save all your amazon configurations

  • Reload your configurations with one click

  • Define custom shortcuts for profiles

Use Text Suggestions

  • Save time by using predefined descriptions

  • Many predefined once to choose from

  • Customize your own text suggestions

  • Usable for both descriptions and keywords

Start growing your business with a personal assistant!

New Keywords To Drive Sales

Search for keywords and generate your tags

Integrated Keyword Search

  • Why use expensive tools for keywords?

  • Simply search and add new keywords

  • Keywords, Long Tail Keywords, Synonym, …

  • Add keywords by just one click

  • A keyword finder for your workflow

Generate Your Tags

  • Are you finding 25 tags each time?

  • Let the tag generator find your keywords

  • New algorithms for finding your tags

  • One click and all your tags are there

Start finding the right keywords for your listings!

Kindle Direct Publishing

Increase your sales by uploading to KDP

A Intuitive Interface For KDP

  • Super simple and easy to use

  • Drag & Drop your images

  • No more excel columns

  • Work faster with shortcuts

  • Save and reuse your data

Use The Advanced Tools

  • Use the integrated category search

  • Pick the best category in seconds

  • Cover Generator – PNG to PDF

  • Generate the spine text

  • Generate HTML code with one click

  • Check your Trademarks for KDP

Color Book Generator

  • Are you selling coloring books?

  • Use your designs to generate books

  • Create a coloring book from images

  • Create sudokus, crossword puzzle, …

  • Create bestsellers with great interiors

Start your journey with Kindle Direct Publishing!

Enjoy Designing And Uploading

Let’s see more features and look at the specs

 Drag And Drop

Experience intuitive usability with Drag and Drop functionalities. Drag and Drop all your design files within Windows and MacOs.

 Light/Dark Mode

Use the Light or the Dark mode within all windows of Flying Upload. Change the mode dynamically during the usage of the tool.

 XML Files

Edit the design once and save all your data, like texts and options for the designs, in XML files. Reuse the data through the sustainable approach.

What We Support

English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish



Focus On Your Designs

Make Uploading Easy

Flying Upload

What are you waiting for? Get the great
power of a personal assistant and start
uploading automatically today!


Designs as PNG files
Designs with 4500x5400px
Monitor: HD-Ready or higher

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, and 10
MacOS 10.11 or higher
64 Bit Operating System
RAM: 4GB or more

Available Packages

Flying Upload is available in the following three packages: Beginner, Advanced, and Pro