Print On Demand On The Next Level

Design Management, POD Upload, KDP Upload, … and much more!

Did you forget where you uploaded your designs to or what designs you created. Not anymore with the design management, track your uploads see all your designs and check for trademarks. Upload to KDP and all POD platforms parallel.

Research & Upload for FREE

Best Sellers

Niche List

Product Search

Trademark Search

Design Management

Upload to all POD platforms

Upload to Kindle Direct Publishing

… and much more

Design Management & Uplaod Automation

The New Chapter 2

All About Designs

  • Check for duplications

  • Search by basically anything

  • Filter your designs

  • Track the all uploads

  • Managed all designs by tags

  • Reuse Images and much more

The Perfect Filters

  • Filter by Uploads

  • Filter by Image Colors

  • Based on Dates

  • Exclude specific words or phrases

  • Filter by Image size and type

  • and much, much more

Wanna do Something?

  • All actions you need

  • Duplicate Listings

  • Download Images

  • Export Listings as Excel Sheet

  • Sort by Color

  • Select only finished Listings

  • and much, much more

Integrated into Edit & Upload

  • More than just an overview

  • Select multiple designs to edit

  • Create listings for all your designs

  • Start uploading the listing at any time

  • Copy listings from one design to another

Best Image Import

  • Import existing listing

  • Images up to 15000×15000

  • Supported .png, .jpg, .jpeg (svg soon)

  • Supporting xml files as well

  • 2GB space for free for everyone

New Edit Page

Chapter 2

Most Advanced Edit

  • Drag and Drop designs

  • All tagging options you need

  • Multiple Languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, IT

  • Shortcuts for Everything

  • Listing check for POD Platform limitations

  • Undo / Redo for all your actions

Merch By Amazon Products

  • Perfect MBA product preview

  • Configure all products

  • Smart product autoconfiguration

  • Color picker for accessories

  • See the royalties for the marketplaces

  • All MBA Languages

Advanced Translations

  • Auto translate with smart translation

  • Translate all listings at once

  • Configurable options

  • Exclude text from translations

Pinnable Tagging Options

  • There is a option for everything

  • Copy listings from one to another

  • Import texts, generate keywords

  • Generate the description

  • … and much, much more

  • Pin your favorite options for quick access

Integrated Keyword Finder

  • Search for Keywords

  • Generate Keywords with one click

  • Find long tail keywords

  • Synonym suggestions

  • Recently used keyword suggestions

Upload Automation

KDP and all POD Platforms

POD+KDP Upload Automation

  • One application for all platforms

  • Automate all your uploads

  • Access to Design Management

  • Simple and quick installation

  • Free Version for POD & KDP

Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Use the integrated category search

  • Pick the best category in seconds

  • Cover Generator – PNG to PDF

  • Generate the spine text

  • Check your Trademarks for KDP

Print On Demand

  • All platforms in One Tool

  • Get more sales with more platforms

  • Start, pause, or stop uploads at any time

  • Images are resized automatically

  • Upload report after each upload

Save Time: Upload Parallel

  • Why would your wait for each upload?

  • Let all uploads run at the same time

  • 1 upload, 2 uploads, 4 uploads ….

  • Use your time more productively

  • Use the full potential of automation

Now is the time to manage all your designs well, to keep the overview, and reuse the images and listing whenever you want. One workflow from research till upload in one tool. Edit your listing, upload them, and see the upload history.