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On Amazon you have to analyze page by page. Why would you doing this, if you can have all the Best Seller, Statistics, and Keywords with a single “Search” click. Flying Research offers you possibilities no standard Amazon search tool can!
Ah yeah … and we have a dark mode!

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The Most Advanced Research

A research like no other!

All About Designs

  • Check the BSR and Price history

  • Get all relevant keywords from a listing

  • Copy keywords with one click!

  • Updated in real time

  • Remember for later and save as favorite

  • Download or copy the image

  • See similar and same brand designs

The Perfect Niche

  • Extracted keywords and longtail keywords

  • Amazon suggestions

  • Google and Google Trends suggestions

  • Compare designs by BSR and keywords

  • Copy keywords with one click

  • Did you know that an Axolotl is a great topic? Now you know!

Wanna Find New Trends?

  • Watch the biggest gainers in Seller Trends

  • Sort by percentage or BSR value

  • Set different time ranges

  • Three months, one month or one week

  • Filter for Newcomers

  • Set your BSR range from 1 – 2,000,000

  • Not just shirts, also hoodies, PopSockets, phone cases and KDP!

Analyse The Trend!

  • Get a great score based on our algorithm

  • Get scores and averages

  • Similar niche ideas for you

  • Niche trend and statistics

  • Amazon, RedBubble, Spreadshirt keywords

  • Niche Best Sellers and comparison

Find Shooting Stars

  • Dive deep with our advanced options

  • Sort by a date range, find the newest seller

  • Specific and Title Search for exact results

  • Search by Amazon customer reviews

  • Exclude keywords you don’t want

  • Set your BSR or price range

  • Hide official brands and let them never bother you again!

NEW Real Time Research

  • LIVE data from Amazon

  • Analyse a whole niche and not page by page

  • Directly updated in the design database

  • Load as many results as you need

  • Get LIVE statistics

  • Exclude official brands during live search

  • Sort for Featured, Newest, Reviews and Oldest!

With Information You Don’t Find Anywhere Else

  • LIVE statistics for the whole Real-Time-Research (RTR)

  • See what colors are used for the niche

  • See what fit types are being used

  • Get ALL extracted keywords

  • Amazon and Google suggestions for you!

  • Why analyze without any comfort? Why do it page by page, if you can have the whole niche with all its valuable data!

Different Ways For Your Research

  • Not every design is ranked in “clothing”

  • Explore subcategories and the designs

  • Filter in different ways

  • Find out about the structure of marketplaces

New Horizon With RedBubble And Spreadshirt

  • MBA is good but also keep an eye on other POD platforms

  • Get relevant and new designs 

  • Sort for a specific platform

  • Add it to your favorites

Explore Categories

  • Search without a specific marketplace

  • Get suggestions for evergreens

  • Open Best Seller search with one click


Don’t Lose Sight – Favorites

  • You can mark every design as favorite

  • Give them a tag to manage them

  • Simple and fast to get a great overview

  • Download the designs you want with one klick

  • Or send them via mail directly to your VA or friend

Connected Amzon & POD

  • MBA search directly on Amazon

  • We deliver you the right Zip Code

  • Research on Spreadshirt or RedBubble

  • Or Kindle Direct Publishing KDP!

Prepare For Events

  • See all upcoming events

  • For all available marketplaces 

  • With designs and easy move to best sellers

  • Search for the event and product you like!

Never Again Late At The Party

  • Set up reminders

  • Get informed via mail before the event

  • 1 Week, 1 Month or 3 Months

  • Select only the marketplaces you need

Wanna make your research great instead of good? You want to have super fast research for a whole niche instead of analysing single pages? Create a workflow instead of just work? Get Flying Research today and get all these great advantages!

Annoying But Very Important: TRADEMARKS

TM Search, New Registrations, Watchlist, Mail Notifications – for the safety of you and your account.

Search The Relevant 

  • Check for single words, whole phrases or both

  • Only relevant results for you

  • Filter after new or ended trademarks

  • Filter after applicant so you know the bad guys

Stay Safe & Get Informed

  • Add existing or new trademarks you want to get checked

  • Set up a mail reminder 

  • Get informed every Sunday if something has changed

  • Add as many as you need and like

New Registrations

  • Get an overview what is new

  • See what is filled or registered

  • Also search for ended and expired

  • Updated every week with all relevant TMs

United Against Trademark Trolls (German Office ONLY!)

  • Send a fax directly to the German DPMA

  • Standard process 

  • Sort for a specific platform

  • Add it to your favorites

Protect yourself against trademark infringements. Set up mail notifications and monitor all your important phrases and word games. Start with Flying Research today.