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  • Google Search Volume

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One Table For Everything

  • Customize Your Columns

  • Google trend data

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  • Competitiveness score

  • Ad potential score

  • Organic ranking potential

  • Niche revenue

  • Clothing relevance

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Need New Ideas?

  • Go for a keyword hunt!

  • Related Tags

  • Amazon Suggestions

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Spy On Your Competitors

  • Organic Potential score

  • Revenue & Sales of the nice

  • Details of competitors products

  • Copy ASINS’s, Titles, and more

  • List the best ranking products

  • See if the niche is good for clothing

What Are The Competing Products?

  • Even you do an MBA design, you compete against normal FBA sellers.

  • Get an overview about the competition

  • Check the competitors sales

  • See the total revenue of a product

  • Export the data into Excel

Missing Ideas? Generate Your Tags!

  • Hundreds of tags with a single click

  • Copy individual keywords

  • Sorted by occurrence / importance

  • Copy with one click

  • Integrated with workbench

Sponsored Ads

Boosted with keywords

Keywords For Sponsored Ads

  • Get product specific keywords

  • Amazon search volume

  • Interest over time of customers

  • Trend history data

  • Amazon CPC

  • Amazon Ads CMP

  • Preview the Ad Potential

  • Copy keywords to your Advertisement Console

Manage Your Sponsored Ads

  • The Amazon Advertisement Console was never made to manage large amounts of campaigns as required for MBA sellers

  • Manage your Advertisement Lists in one place

  • Assign dates, and get notified about upcoming campaigns

  • Add product specific keywords

  • Add Negative keywords

  • Automatic highlighting for active campaigns

Amazon & Google Search Volume

  • Amazon Search Volume Statistic

  • See the estimated Amazon CPC

  • Amazon CMP

  • Simple to manage keyword lists

  • Customizable table with many more values like Ad Potential, Competitiveness, …. and much more

You can achieve so much with good keywords: double your organic sales or create the most successful advertisement campaigns, just to name two. The foundation is always good data with Amazon search volume.