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Do I need any research for Kindle Direct Publishing?

Selling your designs through Amazon KDP program has become more and more competitive over the last few years. In the beginning a Research Tool for KDP was not required to get sales for your books.

If you are selling books on Amazon you have noticed that the situation changed quite a bit. Nowadays the market on KDP is way more crowded with Kindle Direct Publishing Books like low content and no content. Not only with many notebooks and calendars also with thousands of new cover designs coming in every week. The Print On Demand model for KDP is simple to do and therefore attractive to many individuals who would like to earn a passive income.

To be really successful on Kindle Direct Publishing you need excellent book covers and a great interior. Furthermore you have to find good niches, and be aware of current trends like new year. All of these things can be done manually or be a Research Tool for KDP books. 

How To Do Research For Amazon KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing research tool by Flying Research

First of all a good designed cover sells, a bad one doesn’t. Ask yourself would you buy your design? Quality over quantity. Research your new ideas well, take your time, and create really good covers and interiors. Try to provide a big value with new interiors. A good design should have a unique idea, wake feelings and emotions in the potential customer, and match the style of the buyers group. This is especially important for the KDP program on amazon.

✔ New Interiors | ✔ Create a great design | ✔ Wake emotions

After understanding the importance of a good design comes the research. No content book research and KDP listings research involves a few things. Don’t focus on just one thing, do your research on all marketplaces of amazon and google. Great ideas and quality matters. Get inspired: maybe by a coloring book or a sudoku as an interior. Search for different niches, trends and get inspired by new ideas. Also pay attention to the details in the best selling books.

✔ All KDP marketplaces | ✔ Good no content book ideas| ✔ Amazon KDP Research

Now the question is how to search and what to inspect? Look at the best sellers of no and low content books. Look for the reason why these books are best seller on Kindle, but don’t just copy best selling books. These book covers and interiors have already ranked for specific keywords and it is unlikely that copying it will bring you many sales. Try to find ways to make the notebooks, calendars, journals, … different, or try to find new inspiration. The more different books you have in different niches the more likely it is that you will archive more sales. Good research for books, especially on the Kindle program on amazon, is always based on good data. Analyse different niches, look at seller trends, and try to find patterns in the BSR histories of the books.

✔ Analyse Interiors and Covers| ✔ Amazon Seller History | ✔ Good Data Analysis

Flying Research is an All-in-One Research Tool for Kindle Direct Publishing. However it is not limited to Amazon KDP, it offers research for print on demand platforms like Spreadshirt and Redbubble as well. Research all Marketplaces available in KDP or MBA and simplify your workflow. Search for best selling books, notebooks, jornals,  and there estimated sales, find profitable niches, check the seller trends, research throughout different merch products. Check upcoming events and much more. Our Print On Demand research tool can help with your merch business on amazon and other pod pages to boost your sales and simplify your workflow.

The Amazon Merch Research Tool

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Niche Analysis

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Seller Trends & Newcomers 

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  • Find upcoming trends

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