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Flying Upload Developer

Upload 30 designs a month for free.

All basic functionalities with limited uploads for free.


*Spreadshirt Europe: Spreadshirt.de,  Spreadshirt.ch,  Spreadshirt.at,  Spreadshirt.fr, Spreadshirt.es, and Spreadshirt.co.uk


Download NEW Launcher

1. Delete the old folder you downloaded with Launcher 1.1.0* => all your data and settings are save and can be used afterwards

2. Download Flying Upload again like in the installation Tutorials (for Windows or MacOS)

3. Start your program, you now have the launcher version 1.1.1 => your license key should automatically appear in the new launcher

4. Use Flying Upload as always

*for everyone who downloaded Flying Upload before the 01.05.2020

You will get

uploads per month