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Welcome to Flying Upload we are happy to have you here. Everyone is welcome to use Flying Upload. Join our community like many before you and start automating your POD-Business. We offer an all-in-on solution, with one click translation, keyword finder, description generator, category suggestion, KDP cover creator, and much more. Now we would like to help the Print On Demand community and offer a free version for those who would like to automate their business. Use your license key below to get started with Flying Upload 100% FREE. With the free version you will get all basic functionalities and you can upload up to 30 designs every month.

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How to use Flying Upload

Basic Tutorial – POD

A simple step by step tutorial for Flying Upload. Edit your designs once and upload them to all POD Platforms. Use the features like Text Translation, Keyword Finder, and Trademark Checker to simplify your POD business.

Link: POD Tutorial in Deutsch

Basic Tutorial – KDP

We will show you how to get started: download, install, and configure the application. Furthermore a brief overview of all functionalities is provided, like category suggestion, one click translation, copy, duplicate, replace text, and more.

Link: KDP Tutorial in Deutsch

Download: Excel Standard

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