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What Do Our Customers And Beta Tester Say About Us

„For all who are considering getting the tool, I can only say: you will not regret it! The tool runs great, the functions (keyword search, translate, etc.) are mega … and at the moment at an absolutely fair price! The best is the support!!! The boys really try everything to find a solution to problems that arise! That is absolutely unique.”

- Jan G.

„Hey I’m still excited about your tool. You did not hear from me for the last few days because there was nothing to report. Runs like butter and helps me enormously. You did a great job, I would like to continue using it.”

- Tobi

„I would like to mention that your uploader is the clearest tool for me and the easiest to use. Looking forward to the next platforms.”

- Mike

„Hey I have been using another upload tool for months and i was satisfied but I lacked the solution for it when I created different designs. Your tool is the perfect solution for this. Have not tested so much yet, but I’m really excited. Lg.”

- Laura

„Everything runs perfectly! I am very satisfied.”

- Jan K.

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